Publikasi Q2

Publikasi Q2

Data Set Publications in FKG that fall within the top 26-50% journals by CiteScore
Year Range 2018 to 2022
Subject Classification ASJC
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Types of Publications Included All publication types
Data Source Scopus
Date Last Updated 25 December 2021
Date Exported 9 January 2022

20 publications match the selected filter options: Publication years 2021

No. Title Authors Year Scopus Source title
1. Ingestion of Porphyromonas gingivalis exacerbates colitis via intestinal epithelial barrier disruption in mice Tsuzuno, T.| Takahashi, N.| Yamada-Hara, M.| Yokoji-Takeuchi, M.| Sulijaya, B.| Aoki-Nonaka, Y.| Matsugishi, A.| Katakura, K.| Tabeta, K.| Yamazaki, K. 2021 Journal of Periodontal Research
2. Perceived preparedness of dental academic institutions to cope with the covid-19 pandemic: A multi-country survey Ammar, N.| Aly, N.M.| Folayan, M.O.| Khader, Y.| Mohebbi, S.Z.| Attia, S.| Howaldt, H.-P.| Boettger, S.| Virtanen, J.| Madi, M.| Maharani, D.A.| Rahardjo, A.| Khan, I.| Al-Batayneh, O.B.| Rashwan, M.| Pavlic, V.| Cicmil, S.| Noritake, K.| Galluccio, G.| Polimeni, A.| Shamala, A.A.| Aarheiam, A.| Mancino, D.| Phantumvanit, P.| Kim, J.-B.| Choi, Y.-H.| Dama, M.A.| Abdelsalam, M.M.| Castillo, J.L.| Nyan, M.| Hussein, I.| Joury, E.| Vukovic, A.P.| Iandolo, A.| Kemoli, A.M.| Tantawi, M.E. 2021 International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
3. Effect of online learning for dental education in asia during the pandemic of COVID-19 Chang, T.-Y.| Hsu, M.-L.| Kwon, J.-S.| Kusdhany, M.L.S.| Hong, G. 2021 Journal of Dental Sciences
4. The use of internet platforms for oral health information and associated factors among adolescents from Jakarta: a cross sectional study Maharani, D.A.| El Tantawi, M.| Yoseph, M.G.| Rahardjo, A. 2021 BMC Oral Health
5. Guidelines for innovation in dental education during the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic Hong, G.| Chang, T.-Y.| Terry, A.| Chuenjitwongsa, S.| Park, Y.-S.| Tsoi, J.K.| Kusdhany, M.F.L.S.| Egusa, H.| Yamada, S.| Kwon, J.-S.| Seow, L.-L.| Garcia, M.C.A.G.| Wong, M.-L.| Auychai, P.| Hsu, M.-L. 2021 Journal of Oral Science
6. Dental practice closure during the first wave of COVID-19 and associated professional, practice and structural determinants: a multi-country survey Abdelrahman, H.| Atteya, S.| Ihab, M.| Nyan, M.| Maharani, D.A.| Rahardjo, A.| Shaath, M.| Aboalshamat, K.| Butool, S.| Shamala, A.| Baig, L.| El Tantawi, M. 2021 BMC Oral Health
7. Periodontal Disease and Oral Health–Related Quality of Life in the Older Population in Indonesia Hijryana, M.| MacDougall, M.| Ariani, N.| Saksono, P.| Kusdhany, L.S.| Walls, A.W.G. 2021 JDR Clinical and Translational Research
8. Intention to provide tobacco cessation counseling among Indonesian dental students and association with the theory of planned behavior Maharani, D.A.| Nadira, K.V.| Setiawati, F.| El Tantawi, M. 2021 BMC Oral Health
9. The validity and reliability of the Indonesian version of the Summated Xerostomia Inventory Wimardhani, Y.S.| Rahmayanti, F.| Maharani, D.A.| Mayanti, W.| Thomson, W.M. 2021 Gerodontology
10. Quality and reliability of halitosis videos on youtube as a source of information Ramadhani, A.| Zettira, Z.| Rachmawati, Y.L.| Hariyani, N.| Maharani, D.A. 2021 Dentistry Journal
11. Challenges in Diagnosis and Therapy of Recurrent Oral Herpes Infection: Study of Two Cases Sari, D.K.| Rahmayanti, F.| Sasanti, H.| Astuti, A.K. 2021 Archives of Orofacial Sciences
12. Validation of self-reported oral health among Indonesian adolescents Agustanti, A.| Ramadhani, A.| Adiatman, M.| Rahardjo, A.| El Tantawi, M.| Maharani, D.A. 2021 BMC Oral Health
13. The relationships among oral health practices, early childhood caries, and oral health-related quality of life in Indonesian preschool children: A cross-sectional study Ramadhani, A.| Khairinisa, S.| Setiawati, F.| Darwita, R.| Maharani, D. 2021 Journal of International Society of Preventive and Community Dentistry
14. Compatibility of two types of gummy jelly tests for detecting decreased masticatory function Murakami, K.| Hori, K.| Yoneda, H.| Sato, N.| Suwanarpa, K.| Sta. Maria, M.T.| Marito, P.| Nokubi, T.| Ono, T. 2021 Gerodontology
15. Evaluation of IL-1α and IL-1β, COX-2, and iNOS mRNA expression in orthodontic patients given chitosan mouthwash during treatment with miniscrew Anggani, H.| Hasriati, E.| Winiati Bachtiar, E. 2021 Journal of International Society of Preventive and Community Dentistry
16. Increased VEGF-A expression of human dental pulp stem cells (HDPSCs) cultured with advanced platelet rich fibrin (A-PRF) Bagio, D.A.| Julianto, I.| Margono, A. 2021 Open Dentistry Journal
17. Impact of Periodontal Disease on the Quality of Life of Older People in Indonesia: A Qualitative Study Hijryana, M.| MacDougall, M.| Ariani, N.| Kusdhany, L.S.| Walls, A.W.G. 2021 JDR Clinical and Translational Research
18. Possible role of Porphyromonas gingivalis in the regulation of E2F1, CDK11, and iNOS gene expression in neuronal cell cycle: A preliminary study Bachtiar, E.| Septiwidyati, T. 2021 Journal of International Society of Preventive and Community Dentistry
19. Effectiveness of web application as educational media in increasing the caries risk knowledge and decreasing the caries risk score among dental students in Indonesia Darwita, R.R.| Setiawati, F.| Rahmah, I.F. 2021 BMC Oral Health
20. The comparison of biofilm formation, mechanical and chemical properties between glass ionomer cement and giomer Alinda, S.D.| Margono, A.| Putranto, A.W.| Maharti, I.D.| Amalina, R.| Rahmi, S.F. 2021 Open Dentistry Journal

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