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The Faculty of Dentistry, Universitas Indonesia, is distinctive in offering a full range of academic programs including comprehensive undergraduate and graduate programs. This faculty is a leading dental research and education institution in Indonesia with an international reputation for scholar activities, in both the clinical and biological sciences.

The Faculty of Dentistry, Universitas Indonesia, offers several full degree programs such as bachelor, master, doctoral, professional and specialist programs, dedicated to a lifelong education of its students so they may excel as dental professionals and ensure high quality of dental care in Indonesia and beyond.

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Universitas Indonesia Educational Philosophy

In accordance to 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia Preamble: “To develop the nation’s intellectual life”, Universitas Indonesia strives to :
Equip students with the nature of global competitiveness, intelligence, and skilled, based on Indonesian characters,
Prepare students to contribute in the advancement of nation’s prosperity;
enable students to explore and use their full potential to become an ethical intellectual, cultured, competent, and able to enter the workforce or to create jobs and develop themselves to be professionals;
support the students to study and work across disciplines to foster a diverse and individual learning experience;
encourage students to become individuals who will gro and be mature emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially.

explore and use their full potential.

Faculty of Dentistry Universitas Indonesia

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