Vision of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia :

Creating a leading Faculty of Dentistry that becomes the flagship of Southeast Asia.


Mission of the Faculty of Dentistry, University of Indonesia

1. To provide quality dental education and teaching.

2. To conduct Three Pillars of Higher Education activities with high quality and relevant to national and global dental and health issues.

3. To produce graduates who are superior, ethical and professional, and able to compete globally.

4. To create an academic climate that is able to realize the vision of FKGUI (“Faculty of Dentistry, Universitas Indonesia”).

5. To conduct quality dental and oral health services as a center of reference.

The achievements that have been achieved by FDUI today cannot be separated from the services of the top leaders who have worked hard to advance the faculty. The following is a photo of the previous FDUI Deans :

Prof. Dr. Ouw Eng Liang

Period 1950-1952

Drg. H. Ali Dahlan

Period 1976-1981

Drg. Gusti Rizali Noor

Period 1967-1972

Drg. Situ Wuryan Prayitno SKM, MScD

Period 1972-1976 & 1981-1987

Drg. Herwati Djoharnas, DDPH, MSc

Period 1987-1990 & 1990-1993

Drg. Faruk Hoesin, MDS

Period 1993-1996 & 1996-1999

Drg. Afi Savitri Sarsito, SpPM

Period 1999-2003 & 2003-2004

Drg. Sri Angky Soekanto,PhD

Period 2004-2008

Prof. Drg. Bambang Irawan, PhD

Period 2008-2014

Dr. Drg. Yosi Kusuma Eriwati, MSi

Period 2014-2018



Prof. Dr. Ouw Eng Liang (late) and friends from the Dental and Mouth section of FKUI proposed a detailed plan for establishing FKG at the UI. The plan also received support from the Chancellor of UI Dr. Sudjono Djuned Pusponegoro and Dean of FKUI Prof. Dr. M. Soekardjo.



issuance of a decree of the Minister of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia No. 108049 dated 21 December 1960 concerning the establishment of the Faculty of Dentistry at the UI. Since then, FKGUI was born as the fourth Faculty of Dentistry in Indonesia with Prof. Dr. Ouw Eng Liang as the first Dean.



FKGUI which has 2 Permanent Teaching Staff, 37 Extraordinary Teaching Staff, assisted by 7 administrative staff including messengers officially opens its doors for new students. Initially, FKGUI practically did not have building facilities and equipment. The only room is a loan room from Dr. Hospital. Cipto Mangunkusumo (RSCM) is the Administration of Dental and Oral Disease Science at the RSCM.



For the preparatory level, implementation and place lectures are combined with FKUI level I students. Whereas the Dental Anatomy practicum uses RSCM bicycle storage (now the parking lot of Cendrawasih RSCM pavilion). On October 17, 1963, given the increasing needs of students and limited facilities, a portion of the front room of the People’s Library belonging to the RI Department of Education and Culture in Salemba 4 was handed over to FKGUI.



FKGUI gets additional space, namely the back of the People’s Library. Some of the space is used for preclinical (practicum) level III students as preparation for clinical clerks at level IV later.



FKG UI opened a Dental Polyclinic for the public, which is located to the right of the UI Chancellor’s Bureau, Jln Salemba 4. This polyclinic is under the leadership of Dr. S.D. Sadoso. Initially, the Dental Polyclinic consisted only of Dental Preservation Clinics.



Opened Dental Polyclinic at Jln. Pegangsaan Timur No.17. This polyclinic is used by the Public Dental Health and Periodontology section. Meanwhile the collaboration between FKG UI and RSCM was realized with the permissibility of the section of Dental Preservation and Oral Surgery to keep using the facilities at the RSCM.



facilities and infrastructure of the Dental Polyclinic at Jl. Salemba 4 was expanded with the opening of a clinic for the Division of Dental Buffer Sciences (Periodontology). Therefore, the polyclinic which in 1965 only had five dental units, in 1969 had 17 dental units. The clinic is the forerunner of the Dental and Oral Education Hospital (RSGMP).



On the initiative of Prof. Dr. Ir Soemantri Brodjonegoro who at that time served as Chancellor of UI, FKG UI received assistance in adding facilities such as FKG UI Hall from Pertamina. Meanwhile, the Governor of DKI Jaya donated 4 dental units to the Pedodontic Section. Another contribution in the form of a Panoramic radiology dental instrument was obtained in 1972 through Prof. Ali Wardhana who at that time served as Minister of Finance and dean of the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia. This Panoramic tool is the first dental radiology tool in Indonesia.



FKG UI builds a Dental Medicine Center which is equipped with dental units and equipment. The Dental Medicine Center was inaugurated at the Sepong Health Center, Tangerang.



FKG UI, among others, opened the first Dental and Oral Special Hospital in Indonesia in 1996. On the UI FKG Anniversary 21 December 1996, drg. Faruk Hoesin, MDS, dean of FKGUI, pioneered the pattern of service and management of the FKGUI Dental-Oral Polyclinic from the status of being a Public Health Center to a dental and oral hospital. This Special Hospital became the forerunner of the Education Hospital with the name of the Oral Dental Teeth Hospital (RSGMP) FKG UI.



FKG UI is the first faculty that organizes teaching for undergraduate students with Problem Based Learning (PBL) strategies.

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