Academic Stage

Academic Stage

A.Dentist Educational Program

FKG UI’s dentistry education program officially began in 1960, based on the Republic of Indonesia Education, Teaching and Culture Decree No.108049, dated December 21, 1960. Although divided into two program stages, namely an academic program with a Bachelor of Dentistry (SKG) and professional programs with a dentist degree (drg), a dental education program is a terminal program, so that all graduates are expected to achieve a dentist degree (drg).


B. Academic Program

With the rapid development of science and technology, it is impossible for all materials to be taught, so that the learning strategy with teacher centered lectures that have been carried out in FKG UI is felt to be no longer sufficient. Therefore, since 2003 academic education has been carried out by means of active learning using Problem Based Learning (PBL) strategies, which emphasize more on student-centered learning. With this strategy students are basically taught how to learn.


C.Universtiy Compulsory and General Cluster Compulsory Courses :

A. Basic higher education courses (PDPT):
1. MPK: Religion, English, art and sport

2. MPKT A: Humanities, Pancasila, Citizenship

3. MPKT B: Science, health and technology, Indonesian language


B. Health sciences cluster:
1. Ethics and Medical Law

2. Health Communication

3.Health Team Collaboration

4. Research Methods

5. Disaster Management

6. Basic Biomedicine


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