Dr. Ratna Sari Dewi, drg., Sp.Pros.
drg.Henni Koesmaningati, Sp.Pros(K).
drg.Chaidar Masulili, Sp.Pros(K).
drg.David Maxwell, Sp.Pros.
drg.Farisza Gita Mahiddin, Sp.Pros(K).
drg.Hendry, Sp.Pros.
Dr.Ira Tanti, Sp.Pros(K).
Prof. Laura Susanti, Sp.Pros(K).
drg.Lia Kartika Wulansari Sri Gunoro Puteri, Sp.Pros.
Prof.Dr.Maria Francisca Lindawati Soetanto, drg., Sp.Pros(K).
drg.Muslita Indrasari, Sp.Pros(K)., M.Kes.
Dr.Nina Ariani, drg., Sp.Pros.
drg.Pinta Marito, Sp.Pros.
drg.R.M. Tri Ardi Mahendra, Sp.Pros
drg.Roselani Widajati Luddin, M.DSc, Sp.Pros(K).
drg.Saraventi, Sp.Pros.
drg.Ariyanti Rezeki, Sp.Pros
drg.Fakhrana Ariani Ayub, Sp.Pros

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